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Check the following:

  • Ensure that the app is has granted access to the audio devices.

  • Ensure that the app receives the onJoinChannelSuccess callback, which means users have joined the channel successfully.

  • Check if you muted yourself or others.

  • Check if you called the adjustRecordingSignalVolume or adjustPlaybackSignalVolume method to mute the audio.

  • Check if the recording device is working. You can call the startEchoTest method to test it.

  • Check if the headset is working.

  • Call the setEnableSpeakphone method and ensure that you cannot hear any voice from the headset when the speaker mode is on.

  • Check if the headset is working and if the audio output is set to the headset.

  • Test your device with the Agora Video Call demo (downloaded from

  • In Windows, if users cannot hear any voice from the speaker or headset: